Innovative Cuisine encompasses our texturePro® cocktailPro®, dessertPro® und partyPro product palettes. As the name already betrays, these product ranges contain innovative products for progressive-thinking newcomers to gastronomy who want to give their traditional dishes and drinks a special touch. Our texturizers give modern cuisine all the flexibility necessary to make foams, gels, sauces, cocktails, desserts and many more besides.

The texturePro® range includes the basic texturizers in composite cans (120g-400g) and the exclusive “texturePro®” Starter Set with an applications booklet or the “Molecular Basics” cookery book by Heiko Antoniewicz. Each item in this range offers a broad spectrum of applications and creative ways to put them into practice. The full texturePro® range can be found in our online shop, but you are also free to download our detailed product information brochure.

In the cocktailPro® range you will find all products to do with the topic of “mixology” – creative innovations for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Whether edible Martini or Pina Colada foam – your guests will be delighted. In the cocktailPro® Starter Set with the “Molecular Cocktails” book, you will find the products required for the recipes in the book as well as the utensils you need to make them. The recipes have been created by famous and experienced barkeepers in Germany and succeed quickly and easily.  The perfect highlight to a cocktail evening.

dessertPro® products are for “sweet” cuisine: melt-in-the mouth desserts, little delicacies and scrumptious creations to spoon or drink. In the “Molecular Desserts” book, well-known pastry cooks and chefs have turned their deliciously light and aromatic wizardries into recipes which are, naturally, simple and understandable so that everyone can instantly copy them.

Get the party started straight away in an individual and creative style with the partyPro kit! Whether crackling highlights, traditional dishes interpreted in a new way or tasty fingerfood snacks – the partyPro set, including the “Molecular Party Highlights Book”, gives you not just the necessary information about the products and basic applications but above all inspiring recipes with which to transform every party into an unforgettable highlight.