biozoon food innovations GmbH is a forward-thinking enterprise which makes an important contribution to innovation in the field of gastronomy as well as to modern forms of nutrition for specific segments of the population.



With the necessary market knowledge and technological skills, we develop, manufacture and market high-value, top-quality products both for private and commercial customers, in particular for amateur chefs, athletes and the gastronomy sector, but also for facilities for the elderly and hospitals.
Already at the stage of selecting raw materials, we set store by top quality in order to manufacture products which do justice to our customers’ needs and requirements.


Client focus

Customer service and support is our top priority. In practice-oriented workshops on a wide range of topics, we provide tips and tricks on how to use our products. Competent advice from our friendly telephone hotline is also important to us.


Staff development

Staff development and job satisfaction are closely linked and form the basis for our company’s success and our high quality standards. Our business ethics and company culture generate continuous growth and employment. This presupposes excellent knowledge of the markets, technologies and processes, which are the foundation of our business, and demands willingness to learn and an open attitude towards innovative change from us all. Each member of our team champions our company’s objectives.
Our performance and our reputation as a company are based on the reliability, sense of responsibility, integrity and commitment of each individual.