Individual sports drinks and gels to improve endurance and stamina

Finally the time has come. With myBiosportiv®, sports drinks and gels are finally available which are not mass-produced for everyone but instead are made individually for each athlete according to his or her specifications and requirements.

Depending on level of physical activity, specific intolerances and desired taste, the mixtures from certified organic products can be put together individually. They can be dissolved quickly and easily in water, tea or juice and, through the optimum composition of nutrients, guarantee a sufficient energy supply whenever needed, for example during a marathon.

The recipes are all in accordance with current scientific status in sports medicine and five types are at present available: Energy!, Effect!Taste!, Kick! and Mineral! The ingredients include organic maltodextrin, organic guarana and minerals such as magnesium and calcium which can replenish the resources naturally required by the body.

The automatic calculator on the mybiosportiv generates the optimum recipe according to individual specifications. Then just order the items and within 3-4 days the mixture for the sports drink or gel is delivered straight to your home. You will also find further detailed information here about myBiosportiv products as well as in our shop in the myBiosportiv section.