Welocme at biozoon GmbH

Your partner for contract production and filling of powder products!

As a manufacturer, we offer in particular the efficient production of small (small) quantities:

  • Contract production for your development processes (1- 50kg)
  • Filling small series for marketing and market entry activities before investing in new production capacities (1-10,000 pieces)
  • Product development on request

biozoon GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001/2015 and is an approved company for the processing of organic certified raw materials according to the EU Organic Regulation (our inspection body number is DE-ÖKO-007). We have an excellent network of raw material suppliers and our SAP based ERP system allows the traceability along the entire supplier and production chain.

You are a founder, have a great idea and are looking for someone to implement your idea (s) with you – then contact us !

We offer a special Start-up service in the area of contract manufacturing and filling without you investing all of the capital in the filling at the start of your company.

As a Start-up, we offer you the following services:

  • Evaluation of the technical feasibility of your product idea (s)
  • Cost estimate for product development (if necessary)
  • Product development and sample production (up to 50kg powder)
  • Design support for the product label according to LMIV (VO No. 1169/2011) including nutritional calculation
  • Inexpensive contract filling of very small quantities (1- 10,000 units) to facilitate market entry

Confidentiality is a matter of course for us and part of our daily business. We are happy to provide you with the corresponding confidentiality declarations. As a handcrafted, owner-managed company, the word still counts for us.
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If you are also interested in the development of your powder products or need professional help, then have a look at:  www.biozoon.de/produkt-entwickler

Biozoon GmbH

Biozoon GmbH

Since its establishment in 2001, the company has been growing continuously and is an acknowledged specialist for the development, production and marketing of high-performance powder formulations for texturizing food.

In the course of our growth and with the move to a new facility in 2016, we have expanded our service portfolio to include contract filling / manufacturing of powdered products in the range from 0.025 to 20kg.

As a craft-oriented company liegt dabei unser Fokus auf das Abfüllen von Kleinserien our focus is on filling small series (1-10,000 pieces) in order to save your company, the investment in an appropriate infrastructure. We are therefore not a conventional contract manufacturer but a specialist for the niche that is not interesting for the “big ones”. As a manufacturer, we offer in particular the efficient production of small (small) quantities

Our service

What do we offer?

Contract manufacturing

We offer more than just conventional contract manufacturing. We see ourselves as your partner – our support starts with the development of your functional food powders.

Based on your recipes or a benchmark, we are able to provide you a solution in the form of a fast hydrating powder and subsequent contract manufacturing.

Product development is a matter of trust. This is self-evident for us and part of our daily business. We are happy to provide you with the respective Non-Disclosure-Agreement for your product development.

Contract manufacturing and filling of small(est) series

As a craft business in contract manufacturing we are able to produce small(est) amounts in the range of 0.5 bis 50kgfor you.

for for example to produce product samples and to fill between 1-10,000 pieces (for easier market entry) unlike other contract manufacturers. This will saves your company from investing in its own, expensive infrastructure.

Industrial scale contract manufacturing

After the successful market launch of the jointly developed or your own product, we will be happy to accompany you in the next step as your contract manufacturer.

We see ourselves as a craft business contract manufacturer and offer contract manufacturing and filling of your powder from 1,000 to 100,000 pieces at a low cost.

Auftragsproduktion für Lebensmittelpulver

Bio Lohnhersteller und Auftragsproduzent aus Bremerhaven, dem Zentrum der norddeutschen Lebensmittelindustrie – Auftragsproduktion für Lebensmittelpulver in Deutschland.

Wir sind ein DIN ISO 9001:2015 und bio-zertifizierter Hersteller von Lebensmitteln, mit eigener Lohn- bzw. Auftragsproduktion und bieten die Lohnherstellung von Pulver-, Körnerprodukten und trockenen Stoffen an. Eine Auftragsproduktion von Nahrungsmitteln ist schon ab klein(st)en Mengen möglich.

  • Auftragsproduktion schon ab klein(st)en Mengen!!!
  • Lohnherstellung von pulverförmigen Nahrungsmitteln schon in Kleinstmenge (< 25kg)
  • Individuelle Lohnabfüllung schon in kleinen Auflagen (< 50 Stück) inklusive Lohnetikettierung
  • Umfangreiches Servicepaket (u.a. lebensmittelrechtliche Beratung, Nährwertberechnung, Rezepturentwicklung)

Flexibel in der Verpackung

Wir können sowohl Pappwickeldosen aller gängigen Größen und Durchmesser als auch Doypacks (Standbodenbeutel) für Sie abfüllen. Viele Größen haben wir standardmäßig bis zu einer Stückzahl von 1.000 Stück auf Lager- den Rest können wir dank unseres Lieferantennetzwerkes in Regel kurzfristig organisieren. Gerne können Sie uns aber auch die Verpackung zur Verfügung stellen.

Dank unseres modernen Etikettiersystems, sind wir in der Lage auch für kleinste Dosenauflagen (< 100) die Etiketten zu drucken und vollflächig auf die Dosen zu bringen.

We are certified

We are certifiedWe are certified