Be creative – in one of our molecular workshops!

Experience molecular cooking close up and allow yourself to be inspired. On a regular basis , we offer a one-day molecular cooking workshop at our two location in Bremerhaven). Here you can learn the fascinating techniques of molecular cooking in a practical environment and give free rein to your creativity and ideas.

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Our “smoothfood in practice” workshop

Here you will learn in a one-day seminar with chef Herbert Thill how it is possible to make pureed and strained food for persons with chewing and swallowing difficulties in such a way that it also looks appealing. With smoothfood, the persons affected are given the possibility to enjoy eating again, as food must be a feast for the eyes too.
During the workshop, you will be given an overview of the different forms of food as well as how to make them. You can also find further information under These workshops also take place in both Bremerhaven and Freising.

Visit us in one of our workshops in Bremerhaven or Freising (near Munich) and allow yourself to be inspired.