Xanthazoon (300g)


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Xanthazoon, 300g

Thickener and stabiliser

Xanthazoon comprises xanthan, a fermentation product. It offers good thickening and stabilising properties and is used in numerous applications in the industrial processing of foodstuffs for the improvement of the water-binding capacity of dough and delayed staling of bread, the prevention of ice crystal formation in ice-cream or the even distribution of particulates in fruit juices.

Xanthazoon is soluble both in cold and hot liquids and transforms them, thanks to its enormous swelling and water-binding capacity, to a gel-like mass (fluid gels). The viscosity of the liquids thickened with Xanthazoon is maintained even during heating. Xanthazoon is equally well-known for its emulsifying properties. It prevents aromas from being impaired and improves the mouth feel of viscous products. For culinary applications, foams, emulsions (dressings, sauces etc.) and beverages can be stabilised with the help of Xanthazoon in such a way that small particles, such as herbs or aroma capsules, can be suspended in them.

Ingredients: thickening agent xanthane (E 415), maltodextrine

Use: Instructions for the binding of sauces or dressings: Stir 2 level measuring spoons of Xanthazoon into 300 – 400ml of cold or hot liquid (broth, juice, etc.) until completely dissolved. The sauce or dressing can also be frothed up using a cream siphon. We recommend a combination with Iotazoon or ‘Celluzoon to produce stable foams.

Price per kg :  63 €


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