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Locuzoon (250g)


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Locuzoon, 250g

Thickener and gelling agent. Locuzoon comprises locust bean gum extracted from the seeds of the carob tree, which primarily grows in Mediterranean regions. It is used in industrial food processing as a thickener and stabiliser in dairy products, desserts, fruit products, dressings and sauces. Locuzoon dissolves particularly easily in hot liquids and, after cooling, forms products ranging from viscous textures to firm, heat-stable gels, depending on the dosage. Locuzoon forms particularly stable and elastic gels in combination with Xanthazoon. Locuzoon can easily be introduced into acidic liquids and is insensitive to high salt concentrations. In frozen gels, Locuzoon delays crystal formation, allowing frozen products to give a pleasant mouth feel

Ingredients: thickening agent locust bean gum (E 410), maltodextrine

Use: Instructions for the production of fruit fillings for chocolates: Stir 2 level measuring spoons of Locuzoon into 100 ml of cold liquid (e.g. juice); pour mixture into moulds and close to make chocolates.


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