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Calazoon (400g)


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Calazoon, 250g

Additive for Algizoon and Iotazoon gelling agents
Calazoon is calcium lactate, the calcium salt of lactate acid which is contained in solute form in milk. Calazoon is an additive for the Algizoon and Iotazoon gelling agents which need calcium to form firm gel structures. These gels are regarded as particularly firm but nevertheless flexible, as well as being fast gelling, and are thus interesting for use in gastronomy thanks to these characteristics. Whilst ingredients rich in calcium, such as milk or whey, are sufficient for the gelling of many dishes (e.g. desserts with Iotazoon), special applications require a larger source of calcium. Thus, for example, a calcium concentration of 4 to 5 % is necessary for the production of gel capsules, which cannot be found in other conventional cooking ingredients. You can use Calazoon for these applications. It is characterised by a very mild and pleasant taste. When making gel capsules, the following should be noted: The higher the concentration of Calazoon in the Calazoon bath (see dosage), the faster the gel capsules will gel, and the longer the capsules remain in the Calazoon bath, the thicker the gel layer (outside shell) will be.

Ingredients: calcium lactate (E 327)

Use: Dosage of the Calazoon-bath for the production of gel capsules:Stir 5 level measuring spoons of Calazoon into 130 ml of cold water until completely dissolved. Drip the liquid containing Algizoon  into the Calazoonbath

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