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Agazoon (350g)


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Agazoon, 350g

Agazoon contains agar agar, a gelling agent extracted from red algae and seaweeds, which has been used for centuries in Asian cooking. It is an odourless and tasteless gelling agent which is regarded as a vegetarian substitute for gelatine. Agar agar is used as a natural food additive in the industrial production of aspic, jellies, ice-cream, jam, and many other confectionery and dairy products.

Ingredients: Gelling agent agar agar (E 406), maltodextrine

Use: Preparation of gel blocks – Mix well 2 flattened spoons Agazoon into 80 ml of liquid (broth, juice, etc.) until complete dissolution. Bring the solution to boil whilst stirring, pour it into a mould and allow it to cool and gel. We recommend a combination with Xanthazoon to improve the gels’ water-binding capacity.

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