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Bubble Tea Drop Kit


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Make your own Bubble-Tea drops from delicious and specialty goods.

You can also use organic syrup for the preparation of Bubble-Drops.

This set contains:

  • 1 can of Calazoon (400g) (ingredients: calcium lactate (E 327)),
  • 1 can of Algizoon (300g) (ingredients: gelling agent sodium alginate (E 401), maltodextrine),
  • 1 dropping bottle including silicon plug
  • 2 Bubble-Tea drinking straws
  • 1 recipe

For the perfect Bubble-Tea fun at home. Easy to use.

Preis per kg :  34 €

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea originates from Taiwan in the seventeenth century and was called then Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Boba. In the 90’s of last century, Bubble Tea became a trendy drink in Asia and California. In 2010, Bubble Tea conquered Europe and in nearly all cities all over the continent, Bubble Tea shop opened.

Why is it called Bubble Tea?

Today Bubble Tea is a sweet delicious alternative drink for everyone. Bubble Tea is based on green or black tea which is refined with milk or syrup. The „liquid drops“ in Bubble Tea, also called „Popping Bobas“, consist of an alginate capsule filled with a taste intensive liquid like a fruit-syrup or concentrate which burst in the mouth when destroyed.

For drinking Bubble Tea, there are special, extra-large, straws and the liquid drops are sucked through the straw.

You can make hundreds of variants of Bubble Tea – according to your own preferences. Just try!

Bubble Tea Recipe

Bubble Tea Drops-solution:

  • 100ml fruit syrup (e.g. raspberry or strawberry)
  • 4 scoops Calazoon
  • 100ml dropping bottle

Mix the syrup with Calazoon until completely dissolved.


  • 7 scoops Algizoon
  • 1litre calcium-reduced water (e.g. Evian)
  • 1 bowl with one litre content

Mix Algizoon with water until completely dissolved. It is recommended to prepare the solution a day before so that the air bubbles can diffuse.

Fill the Bubble Tea solution into the dropping bottle and close with the silicon plug. Turn the bottle perpendicular over the Algizoon bowl. Remove the plug and press the bottle slightly until small droplets fall into the Algizoon bath. During and up to three minutes, stir the Algizoon bath slowly to avoid the at bubbles stick together.

Then, remove the ready bubbles and rinse under water. Fill the desired amount in a glass and fill up with e.g. hibiscus or green tea Ready to serve!


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