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seneoforte® im 15 kg carton

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Hyper-caloric mixture for nutrient enrichment of food and beverages

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, vegetarian fat powder (sun flower), whey protein isolate , dextrin, emulsifier soy lecithin

Features and Application:

Brand new: seneoforte®

Numerous people are suffering from malnutrition because of age and/or diseases. This means that these persons require a well-balanced diet to provide them with the necessary nutrients according to their personal needs. If this is not possible with a normal meal, hypercaloric powders or drinks are often can be used.

Due to their ingredients, all available hyper caloric powders have one thing in common: Most of them can have function only in milk, i.e., those who depend on it every day often reject it after a short time. Dairy products can also promote other negative effects in people who suffer from swallowing disorders.

As an alternative, there are high-calorie drinking foods – balanced (non-prescription) and fully balanced (prescription). These are also often refused by the people concerned, because they are not convincing in terms of taste and are typically perceived as “over-sweetened”. Additionally, the number of taste variations are very limited, and products are expensive (>2,50 €/ bottle).

With seneoforte® we managed to develop the first time ever, a hyper caloric powder, which works with any (liquid) food without loss of taste. Thanks to its well-balanced macronutrient distribution, a wholesome nutrition is ensured, without the person concerned having to give up their usual taste.

Average nutritional values seneoforte®




Add 70g seneoforte® powder in a measuring cup and fill it up with 200ml liquid food (e.g. broth, coffee, juices, mashed potatoes). Stir vigorously with a whisk and then leave to rest for two minutes. Dissolve the remaining powder again with the whisk – serve!


After 15 minutes, there is a slight foaming on the surface – simply dissolve with a tablespoon or teaspoon by stirring gently


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