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GELEAcold instant 1,5kg bucket

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GELEAcold instant in a 1,5kg bucket

Gelling agent without cooking for the production of texture-modified pureed and/or strained food. A 1,5kg bucket is sufficient for up to 850 portions.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, gelling agent methylcellulose, gelling agent carrageenan, thickening agent xanthan, gelling agent agar agar, thickener guar gum, acidity regulator calcium lactate

Use: Puree the cook meat or vegetable (frozen, blanched or cooked) with standard amount of liquid (broth, stock, sauce). Stir in the on the packaging recommended amount of GELEAcold instant and fill into the moulds with a piping bag. Spread the puree evenly with the mould lid. Freeze – heat up – serve – ready!

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