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Perlazoon gold (300g)


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Perlazoon gold, 300g

Colouring glimmering golden pigments

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Colouring Agent Gold Lustre ( Colouring Agent Titan Dioxide (E171); Colouring Agent Iron Oxide (E172), Seperating Agent Potassium Aluminium Silicate (E555)).

Use: Add 3 level measuring spoons of Perlazoon gold to 100ml of transparent liquid, dissolve completely and be amazed by the shimmering golden pigments. When combined with solid transparent gels by adding Agazoon® or Gellazoon low®, the pigments flat. As an additional effect, simply sprinkle a little Perlazoon gold over your dessert, for example, and you will obtain an impressive, sparkly metallic glaze. Measuring spoon included.


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